What’s a reason why we would NOT work together?

Christopher Voss in “Never Split The Difference” talks about how allowing prospects to say “no” makes them feel relaxed and protected, where having them trapped into ‘yes,’ makes them feel more pressured and uneasy.  Thomas Freese in “Question Based Selling” also discusses how placing the negative into your questions rewards you with more honest and accurate responses from your prospect.  Based on this great insight, if you do have the chance to speak with the decision maker, one question I like to ask at the very end of a demonstration call is, “Based on everything we spoke about, what would be a reason why we would NOT work together?” This not only indirectly implies to the prospect that you are ok with them telling you no, but because you are asking an honest question, which most people would not think to ask, you’ll find they’ll have absolutely no trouble telling you why.  Now, you can know the truth, and deal with it sooner, before it’s too late.

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