Are we practicing what we preach?

Salespeople understand that the more we’re able to actually speak with our prospects instead of emailing them, the more productive it will be. John Barrows speaks about this specifically with regard to negotiation, yet it’s an important rule of thumb across all types of sales conversations, including next steps, feedback, value add messages during the sales cycle, etc. (excluding logistics). Question is, do we follow the same rule when speaking with our own colleagues? Are we busy slacking or emailing important conversations to the person that sits right next to us, or do we strive to have in-person and/or phone discussions instead? Yes, not all conversations require it, but the most relevant ones do. If it has a more positive outcome with our prospects, how much more so on our very own sales teams? This creates a much more pleasant environment, resulting in more sales! A rule of thumb, I try to choose these forms of communication in the following order (1) In person, (2) Phone, (3) Text, (4) Email.  We should try and practice what we preach, and always seek to improve.

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