You can punch me in the face

The following is a real life anecdote which represents some “out of the box” prospecting, resulting in actual meetings with senior level members of large firms. — My colleague, Daniel Berman, recently called a prospect and got the executive assistant, Jessica, on the phone.  After speaking with Jessica, Dan subsequently sent the respective Managing Director an email with subject line “Spoke to Jessica,” a great way to get an email open — Lesson #1.  The “out of the box” email read: “Hi Bob, Just spoke with Jessica and she mentioned you were busy right now.  Would you have 5 minutes for a brief discussion later today or tomorrow on……..? I will personally show up to your office and let you punch me in the face if you find the call both uninteresting and a waste of your time.” — Now, this is clearly not your common way of expressing a meeting request, but it did end up in a firm-wide, introductory meeting.  We’ve also tried the more “G rated” version: “You can dismiss us if you really feel it’s not relevant, but we’re quite confident it will not be a waste of your time.”  This also resulted in scheduled meetings. Being somewhat self dismissive actually works — Lesson #2.  Good lessons on being creative, and having fun in sales

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