Playing Catch

Answering your prospects questions gives you the right to ask them questions. Timing of your questions and asking thoughtful questions are important, yet when you answer their questions, you’ve earned the right to ask. Answering their question is like catching the ball so-to-speak, then you wind up and throw the ball back, asking them a very thoughtful question. Just loading off question after question could come across as abrasive, when you instead want to come across as curious, and have a good “wind-up.” Curiosity will win the day on every call. In order to have a natural transition to ask a question back, some ‘curious’ phrases to use prior to asking your questions include “Out of curiosity,” “That reminds me,” Speaking of which,” “On that note,” “I was thinking about this before the call and wanted to learn more about,” “Curious to understand.” These help make your calls like conversations, instead of like an interview.

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