Would YOU Respond?

Sometimes, SDR’s will ask me my opinion about an email they plan on sending out. Typically, my first response is “If you received that email, would YOU respond to it?” Funny enough, usually the answer I get is “No, I wouldn’t.”  Then we laugh about it. Then we change it.  These are good questions to ask ourselves before we send out any emails.

Everything Ok?

When I don’t get a response from a prospect, I send out one of the following emails, written only in the subject line, written in lowercase: (1) “too busy or just not interested?” OR (2) “everything ok?” They almost never fail to get a response.

How would you explain it?

At the very end of a full demo, a great question to ask is; “Out of curiosity, how would you explain to your team what we’ve built here at our company? Curious to see how you’re thinking about it” The prospect then tells you EXACTLY how they’re thinking about your service, confirming they’re thinking about it the right way. The BONUS is, they’re also providing you with additional insights which you can take with you on your next sales call.

Reach me easily

When sending a summary or follow up email, it’s great to go out of your way and specifically jot down your phone number in the actual body of the email, as opposed to not mentioning at all, and just leaving it in your contact information.  Instead of saying “You can reach me with any questions,” saying “Also, feel free call me back at …..” allows the prospective client the ease and convenience to simply call you back, without doing extra ‘digging,’ especially when ‘thumb scrolling’ on a cell phone.  This has resulted in inbound calls, and productive conversations, uncovering information not otherwise uncovered.


I’ve found that during a discovery call, after your prospective client finishes speaking (there are exceptions), waiting a solid 3 SECONDS prior to responding usually results in them sharing more, thereby trusting you more, and ultimately helping you uncover information not otherwise uncovered.

Why are we on the call?

Typically, the FIRST question I ask a prospect on a discovery call is ‘Out of curiosity, what compelled you to take this call? What are you ultimately looking to solve for?’ This usually opens up the flood gates, uncovering information not otherwise uncovered.